Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10 Strange Things that People Find Attractive

In order for people to find a life partner or a potential mate there needs to be some kind of attraction. What we find attractive about a person is completely up to the standards we set for ourselves and what we believe we deserve. But, there are some things that other people find attractive in one another that are just weird.
1. Imperfect Teeth

Normally, someone would be attracted to another person’s smile. But, the attraction is to a smile with the perfect straight teeth you see in the toothpaste commercials. There are those people that think imperfect teeth are cute or sexy. There are some actresses and musicians that have this quality, such as Kirsten Dunst, Patricia Arquette and Jewel.
2. Vegetarianism

If the person looking for the date is a vegetarian, then they will only date someone that has the same trait as them. They will find this an attractive quality to have in their potential mate. To them a omnivore, which is what most people are, will not be the person for them no matter how attractive looking they may be.
3. Accents

For some people this is a very attractive quality. If someone is from a country other than your own, then you may find it attractive. Whether it is a British, Australian, Italian, French or an American accent it can be a turn on for some people.
4. Submissiveness

This trait is normally attractive to the more dominant personality. They think that a person who will submit to their every whim is attractive to them. They can tell if the person they find physically attractive is submissive by their body language. They will then pursue that person for their own personal needs.
5. Faith

Can someone’s devout faith really bring two people together? To some people it can. There are people that go to church looking for love and they will find it. Sometimes, having a little faith can bring you the love that you are looking for.
6. Education

Some people find the intelligence of a well educated person attractive. Sometimes, the higher the degree the more attractive you become. The brain can be very attractive to the right person.
7. Feet

The feet are not something that you would normally find attractive, but to some people they are. If a person has nice feet, then they will find them attractive. If a girl wears open toed shoes and she has nicely manicured toes, there are guys that find that extremely attractive.
8. Quirky/Uniqueness

If you are different from the “normal” people in the world then you can find love too. Everyone has a quirk or something unique about them. That little thing that is different from everyone else can be very attractive to another person. It can be considered cute or have an endearing quality to it that makes you who you are.

9. Sarcasm

A witty banter between two lovers can be attractive. If you can find someone with the same sense of sarcastic humor as you have, then they can be attractive to you. “Busting chops” all in good fun can be a form of foreplay for the two people involved.
10. Hair

Whether it is body hair or the hair on your head, it can all be attractive to someone else. You can have a gorgeous head of hair and can be attractive to the other person. You can have a little or a lot of body hair and that can be attractive to another person.

Monday, January 25, 2010

10 Most Weirdest Dog Breeds

1. Affenpinscher

This sweet little dog has earned itself the nickname of Monkey Dog because it has a very primate like appearance and personality. It has a terrier body, shaggy fur and squashed in face give it a rather unique look. Even stranger is the fact that the hair is thicker and shaggier around the chest and shoulders than it is around the hind quarters, creating a look that resembles that of a mane. The most common color is black but silver, gray, red, tan and belge (mixture of red, black and white hairs) are other possible colors.
2. Xoloitzcuintli

This dog has a name that is even stranger than its appearance. The name is pronounced Sho-lo-eets-quint-lee but if that becomes too challenging this dog is also known as the Mexican hairless. These dogs have had a long and unique history in Mexico and they were even considered sacred by the Aztecs. The ancient Aztecs believe that these dogs were needed to help guide the souls of their masters into the underworld. What makes this dog stand out is not only the fact that it is hairless but also because it has a long neck, bat ears, almond eyes and a sleek body.
3. Puli

While there are a few different dread-locked breeds this is one of the more popular and unique breeds. The Puli has dreads which are called cords and they start to form when they are 9 month old puppies. This dog requires very demanding grooming as they cords have to be separated to prevent excess matting from occurring. Despite the fact that their coat looks heavy and cumbersome, these dogs are actually very light and agile.
4. Cambodian Razorback Dog

This dog may look normal at times but it is known for its rather large and unique razor down his back. These are actually tropical dogs but they have a long coat, which is not common for a dog that lives in these warm areas. But this dog does not seem to overheat and they can be found all over Cambodia. This is a very territorial dogs but they do not bark unless there is a real need for them. While they can be very friendly and loving dogs they are not for the first time dog owner.
5. Bergamasco

This is another dread-locked dog that has a very unique look but this dog does not have dreadlocks in the form of cords but rather in what is known as a felt. Their coat has three different types of hair which is very thick and easily mats. The mats start from the spine and go down the flanks. These dogs are actually born with short, smooth fur which eventually mats in this unique way as the dog grows.
6. Lagotto Romagnolo

This dog may not look entirely strange but it is a very unique dog. This breed has very curly, thick and woolly hair that is even considered to be hypoallergenic. But what really makes this dog stand out is that it is the first known dog with the ability to search for truffles. Typically this was the job of pigs but now this fluffy purebred dog can take over that job. The Lagotto Romagnolo is also a great companion dog for just about anyone.
7. LowChen

This dog has the appearance of a large dog in a much smaller package. It has often been referred to as the Little Lion Dog, the rarest dog in the world and the most expensive dog in the world. This anywhere from seven inches to thirteen inches high and has a long and wavy coat. This dog has no undercoat and the hair should never curl. These are very friendly and intelligent dogs so they make great pets, if you are able to find an afford one.
8. Bedlington Terrier

This sweet little dog looks just like a lamb but has the countenance of a sweet and friendly dog. They have pear shaped heads, triangular ears and fur that looks like the curly hair of the sheep. This dog was actually bred as a fighter, which may seem strange compared to his docile appearance. The terrier is groomed with longer fur on the head and legs with shorter fur on the torso. The reason for this is that the dogs used to hunt vermin and the longer fur prevented the animals from hurting the dog.
9. Neapolitan Mastiff

This dog is given a very strange appearance because of the amount of loose skin that folds over their face. They have these wrinkles all over their body but they are most prominent on the face and head. These wrinkles actually involve extra care as owners need to clean in-between the folds in order to prevent acne and infection. These dogs have a very formidable appearance and it is for that reason that a Neapolitian Mastiff was chosen to play Fang in Harry Potter.
10. Chinese Crested

This dog has always received the bad rap of being the ugliest dog breed. This is because the dog is hairless everywhere but on the top of its head, its paws and its tail. This presents a very unique appearance. Even though most of its fur is exposed it is actually very sensitive and sunscreen needs to be used if this dog is going to be spending too much time outside. They also need to be bathed and moisturized regularly in order to prevent dry skin and infections.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weird Hotlix Insect Candy in Pictures

The brainchild of Larry Peterman, 70, HOTLIX have expanded their line to include devilish delights from apple, lemon and orange flavoured Cricket Suckers to Amber InsectNside and spice-flavoured Larvets. “Larry has what he calls the worm ranch where he grows all of the insects for food products,” revealedKaty. “Our latest insect candy has been the chocolate flavoured scorpion which have proved to be very popular.”
Katy is quick to point out that everything at HOTLIX is edible. “I get a lot of questions about this but yes everything is edible – even the scorpions,” she said. “Many people think the scorpions are poisonous but when a scorpion dies it is not longer venomous. It is cooked before it is put into the candy so a lot of it is actually protein. It actually could be quite good for you, but we do cut off the stinger just to make sure there is no hint of poison.” “We feed the worms things like oatmeal, apple peel and banana peel so they are clean bugs filled with nutrients.”
And like the chocolatier from Roald Dahl’s hit children’s book, Larry is very protective of the secret process behind making insect candy. “The owner does not divulge exactly what the process is before they are cooked because over the years we have had a lot of people who have tried to copy the process. So far though our secrets have stayed safe and sound.”

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

9 Strangest Looking Cat Breeds

1. American Curl

At first glance this cat may not seem that unusual but in reality this cat is very unique. His ears curl backward and down which only occurs in this breed of cat. But for a perfect breed the ears can only curl so far, if they curl so much that they touch the skull they are disqualified from shows. This breed was begun in the 1980s but has already gained quite a bit of popularity.
2. Scottish Fold

This is another cat that is considered to be very unique because of its ears. This cat’s ears do not grow very much from the time the cat is a kitten and they never stand up, rather they fold down at about three weeks of age. This cat is perhaps one of this most adorable that you will ever see because they keep their small ears which makes them look like a kitten throughout their entire life.
3. Ocicats

This unique breed of cat is actually prized because it looks so much like the endangered Ocelot. This cat was the result of an attempt to breed Abyssinians, Siamese, and domestic short-hairs together. The first Ocicat was white with numerous spots but others have earned the orange coloring that gives them appearance that is even closer to that of the Ocelot. A great thing about Ocicats is that their owners have often equated them to dogs for their train-ability and temperament. If you want a dog but want the lower responsibility of a cat, then the Ocicat may be just what you are looking for.
4. Norwegian Forest Cat

This unique cat has very long fur which is designed to make it last through the freezing cold winters of Norway. These cats actually accompanied the Vikings as they sailed around the world. They are very loyal to their owners but they need lots of interaction because they are excellent hunters.
5. Manx

This cat is very unique because of two reasons. The first is that this furry cat has absolutely no tail. The second is that this cat’s back legs are longer than its front legs which means that it has a very unusual walk that a some people say resembles a bunny hop. Many people like this cat for its unique character and the fact that it has such a strange walk. The Manx is also a relatively small cat and can come in just about any color combination.
6. Munchkin

This adorable cat is truly unique in that is has very short little legs. These cats were first observed in the 1940s but then they disappeared after the war. They reappeared after two munchkin cats were found in the 1980s and they were bred. Despite their short legs these cats can do everything that normal cats can.
7. Cornish Rex

If you like the look of the Spinx but would rather have a cat with at least a little fur, then the Cornish Rex might be for you. This cat has short curly fur that really makes it unique among cats and they are popular among people who suffer from allergies because they lack the hair that is present on most cats. This is a relatively new breed of cats as they were created from the genetic mutation of a litter of cats in the 1950s.
8. The Sphinx

This strange cat is perhaps one of the most popular among strange cat breeds because this particular cat has made an appearance in a few movies as the pet of evil villains. The reason for that is pretty clear because this cat can definitely look evil if it wanted to. But if you want a cat that is so ugly it’s cute the Sphinx is for you.
9. Devon Rex

This cat looks very similar to the Cornish Rex but they have no genetic relation. They have soft down fur that is very curly. They are also known for their very large low-set ears and very large eyes. This unique cat is very adorable and is a far cry from the appearance of a regular short-haired cat. Another unique attribute about this cat is that they loved to sit perched on their owner’s shoulder just like parrot. They are also very playful and friendly cats.